Trusted Product Analytics Expert

Oct 27, 2022


  • The client came to Dolphin Analytics as they had several product analytics tools which they weren’t utilizing to understand user behaviour on their platform

  • Dolphin Analytics quickly understood Preqin’s Fintech context, platform architecture, & CSS structure

  • We cleared a backlog of requests from sales, product, marketing & design teams to answer business-critical questions with the help of self-serve dashboards

  • Created 100’s of events, properties & segments with custom JavaScript events written with the help of the Dolphin Analytics technical team

  • Set up a testing framework for General Partner & Limited Partner product teams

  • Advised incoming Head of Data on strategy while helping employ our replacement


  • Set up experimentation frameworks with tests providing a 20-150% increase in engagement

  • Identified £50k* in cost saving cancelling ineffective feature update

  • Hypothesized & set up test to 4x use of alerts on the platform

  • Realtime dashboards delivered for each department to drive real time, data driven decision making

  • Initiated design team using data to improve build process and with funnel conversion increase of 30%

  • 10+ staff trained to create dashboards before rolling off the project

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