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Mixpanel Done for You

Mixpanel Done for You

Get in touch for no obligation Mixpanel consultation. Same day fixes available!

Get in touch for no obligation Mixpanel consultation. Same day fixes available!

Get in touch for no obligation Mixpanel consultation. Same day fixes available!


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Mixpanel Consultancy

At Dolphin Analytics, we harness the power of Mixpanel Analytics to supercharge your online success. Mixpanel is the ideal tool to gain profound insights into user behavior on your website or mobile app.

With Mixpanel, we enable automatic event tracking, removing the need for tedious manual event tagging. This means we capture every user action, from clicks and pageviews to form submissions and custom events, providing a comprehensive understanding of user journeys and conversion paths.

We leverages Mixpanel Analytics to pinpoint user experience pain points, paving the way for data-driven recommendations that lead to tangible improvements. We also capitalize on Mixpanel's advanced segmentation capabilities to craft personalized marketing strategies tailored to your unique audience segments.

Ready to revolutionize your digital strategy? Join forces with Dolphin Analytics, and let Mixpanel Analytics drive your business to new heights with data-backed insights and strategies.

First Steps

If you are new to marketing, website, or app tracking analytics, there are a few things you need to do to get started

1) Measurement Plan

A marketing and product analytics measurement plan is a roadmap for tracking and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and product strategies. It helps you to identify the metrics that matter most to your business and to track those metrics over time.

2) Collect Data

Once you have created your measurement plan, you need to start collecting data. This can be done by adding Heap tracking code to your website or app iand using a naming convention to ensure events are easily identifiable

3) Analyse Data

Once you have collected data, you need to analyse it to understand what it is telling you. This can be done by using the Mixpanel reports and dashboards or the raw data can be exported and analysed externally using more advanced data science techniques

How We Can Help

We're experts in Mixpanel and have expertise across all digital analytics so get in contact, we're here to help


We help set up Mixpanel correctly on your website or app, ensuring proper tracking of user interactions and events.

Custom Event Tracking

We help in defining and implementing custom event tracking, including custom javascript code to measure specific user interactions and goals that are unique to your business.

Analysis and Insights

We analyze the data collected by Mixpanel to provide actionable insights about user behavior, conversion funnels, and areas for improvement.

Reporting & Visualisation

We continuously monitor and optimize Mixpanel configurations, create custom reports, and offer suggestions to improve the overall performance and user experience on your digital platform.

  • Dolphin Analytics joined our team and quickly became a valuable asset that we wanted to extend on other projects. They are able to think critically, solutions-oriented, and knows how to work with others, bringing their expertise and point-of-view on data and analytics. Beyond technical skill on various analytics tools, Dolphin Analytics have broad experience with different types of analysis which makes him able to step up to different challenges.

    Payam Cherchian

    Data & Analytics Executive Director - AKQA

  • Dolphin Analytics helped us to understand user experience and behavior so that we could build and improve the features that help our clients most. They helped us resolving technical challenges, guiding us on well structured and thoroughly analyzed A/B tests and experiments, and coaching others to get up to speed with our analytics tools. They always take full ownership of the work and ensure that it's done well and on time.

    Thomas Tosstorff

    Head of Data Science & Analytics - Preqin

  • Dolphin Analytics helped us get our Google Analytics in shape after big changes to our website. We can now track, learn and optimise thanks to the audit and changes he made. Not only is the team efficient and hardworking, but the recommendations are always honest and I felt throughout the whole process they had our best interests at heart. Thank you Dolphin Analytics!

    Laura Scoffin

    Growth Director - Banjo Robinson

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