Data Visualised To Drive Insights & ROI

Data Visualised To Drive Insights & ROI

Data Visualised To Drive Insights & ROI

Get in touch for no obligation data visualisation consultation. Same day fixes available!

Get in touch for no obligation data visualisation consultation. Same day fixes available!

Get in touch for no obligation data visualisation consultation. Same day fixes available!


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Data Visualisation

Dolphin Analytics specializes in creating engaging data visualizations that drive actionable insights for businesses, focusing on website, marketing, and app data analytics. In the digital era, data is your competitive advantage, and our visualizations help you unlock its full potential.

Imagine managing a digital platform with a website, mobile app, and diverse marketing channels. Our data visualizations transform complex datasets into intuitive and interactive dashboards. For instance, you can visualize user engagement metrics, analyze app usage patterns, and assess the performance of various marketing campaigns.

With Dolphin Analytics' data visualizations, you can monitor real-time KPIs, such as website traffic, app downloads, click-through rates, and conversion rates. These visual insights empower you to make data-driven decisions that enhance user experiences, increase app engagement, and optimize marketing spend.

Our visualizations are tailored to the digital business landscape, ensuring that you can easily identify growth opportunities and respond swiftly to market changes. Whether you're a startup or an established digital platform, our visualizations help you harness the full potential of your data, driving your business forward with confidence.

First Steps to Data-Driven Success

Discover the essential steps to establish best in class data visualisation with Dolphin Analytics, unlocking the potential for data-driven insights and success

1) Define Objectives

We begin by closely collaborating with clients to define clear data visualisation objectives. Understanding your analytics goals and key metrics ensures that our visualisations align with your business objectives, providing actionable insights.

2) Data Gathering and Preparation

fter defining objectives, we collect and prepare relevant data from sources like websites and apps. Our experts ensure data accuracy and consistency through modern ETL techniques, making it suitable for visualisation.

3) Visualisation Design and Deployment

Dolphin Analytics crafts custom visualisations using leading tools, creating interactive dashboards and reports. These are deployed for easy access, with ongoing support for updates to empower informed decision-making and business growth.

How We Can Help

We're experts in data visualisation and have expertise across all digital analytics so get in contact, we're here to help

Choosing Software

When deciding between tools like Power BI, Tableau and Looker Studio, we can assists in evaluating your specific needs, budget and objectives, ensuring you select the most suitable platform

Custom Design

Dolphin Analytics specializes in creating custom interactive dashboards tailored to your specific analytics needs, providing clear and intuitive data visualizations for better decision-making.

Real-time Insights

Dolphin Analytics can set up real-time data visualizations, allowing you to monitor key metrics and performance indicators as they happen, enabling quicker responses to changes.

Training and Support

We offer training and support to help your team effectively use and maintain data visualizations, empowering them to derive actionable insights independently

  • Dolphin Analytics joined our team and quickly became a valuable asset that we wanted to extend on other projects. They are able to think critically, solutions-oriented, and knows how to work with others, bringing their expertise and point-of-view on data and analytics. Beyond technical skill on various analytics tools, Dolphin Analytics have broad experience with different types of analysis which makes him able to step up to different challenges.

    Payam Cherchian

    Data & Analytics Executive Director - AKQA

  • Dolphin Analytics helped us to understand user experience and behavior so that we could build and improve the features that help our clients most. They helped us resolving technical challenges, guiding us on well structured and thoroughly analyzed A/B tests and experiments, and coaching others to get up to speed with our analytics tools. They always take full ownership of the work and ensure that it's done well and on time.

    Thomas Tosstorff

    Head of Data Science & Analytics - Preqin

  • Dolphin Analytics helped us get our Google Analytics in shape after big changes to our website. We can now track, learn and optimise thanks to the audit and changes he made. Not only is the team efficient and hardworking, but the recommendations are always honest and I felt throughout the whole process they had our best interests at heart. Thank you Dolphin Analytics!

    Laura Scoffin

    Growth Director - Banjo Robinson

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