Automating Manual Reporting From Scratch

Mar 17, 2022

Background & Process

  • The client came to Dolphin Analytics to move manual reporting taking 5 hours per week to an automated solution

  • Solution needed to display key advertising metrics and leads generated as a KPI

  • Scoped measurement plan with the team to determine the metrics and dimensions needed, cadence, what needs to be displayed, design element etc

  • Social Channels automated through cost-effective 3rd party tool

  • Display run by a partner automated through Email, Google Sheets & Google Scripts

  • Email connected through database and SFTP transfer

  • Leads are updated manually in Sheets and integrated into the dashboard

  • Data is aggregated by using Google Scripts to pull 4 data sources into 1 sheet so metrics can be compared across channels

  • Dashboard designed in Google Looker Studio and pulled from compiled data sources


  • Clear, accurate & real-time dashboard with best-in-class design

  • Saved client £100k per year & 50 hours of reporting time per week* by moving from manual reporting to automated multi-channel dashboards

  • 3x investment selling solution to their client

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