Sign-Up Funnel Analysis & Implemetation of Testing Framework

Jun 24, 2021

Background & Process

  • A multinational automotive client came to Dolphin Analytics not understanding their app & website

  • The client prioritised understanding the sign-up process

  • Started by understanding the sign-up flow and tagging the app using Google Analytics & web page tracking

  • Created funnel & segment reports to understand how users were signing up to the app

  • Created insights doc gathering all insights to drive new data-driven design strategies

  • Rolled out a product testing framework for the client to use for all future design sprints


  • Uncovered insights in user key journeys to improve sign-up completion by 67%

  • Discovered bug and increased signups by 1,000 a month*

  • Could 2X sign-ups by localising language

  • Set up 6 STEP data-driven framework for future processes

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