Cookie Management & GDPR Compliance

Dec 14, 2023

Background & Process

Axon Garside's client is running a HubSpot website but using a third-party cookie banner (OneTrust). The OneTrust cookie banner needs to be configured to turn off cookies for those who click 'deny' before launch.

Client insists on using OneTrust rather than the default HubSpot banner because they want all their domains and properties covered uniformly by the same policies. Client also won't let us have access to their OneTrust portal because of the separate divisions/domains/businesses which we don't work with.

Axon Garside had been struggling with this issue for weeks internally so reached out to find a partner who could provide a fix.

Dolphin Analytics set out to resolve this issue by installing a new GTM container that was deployed on the webpage creating Tags, Triggers and Variables for Cookie Pro consent popup implementation.


Creating the synergy between OneTrust, Hubspot & Google Tag Manager to ensure GDPR compliance before the launch of the website.

Preventing the risk of a temporary or definitive ban on processing and a fine of up to €20 million or 4% of the business's total annual worldwide turnover.


"Working with Dolphin Analytics has been a pleasure. Olam and his team were brought on to help us work through a client issue outside our usual area of operations. Their team worked seamlessly alongside Axon Garside for our client. They led the project, identifying the solution swiftly, before developing the fix and completing the job rapidly. Dolphin Analytics communication was great throughout, keeping my team updated throughout the project. This is hopefully the beginning of a fruitful business relationship between both businesses."

Spencer Montagu
Marketing Consultant - Axon Garside | HubSpot Diamond Partner

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