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Oct 9, 2023

dolphin analytics
dolphin analytics
dolphin analytics

Before I start to introduce Dolphin Analytics I wanted to share my back story, the genesis of the company & how a lot can change in a short period of time:

I started out in a tech consulting job I hated, my first startup failed to take off and I had been rejected over 50 times from job applications and interviews

I felt lost, had no direction and was lacking confidence

Everyone else around me was getting promoted and progressing in their careers while I was asking friends to pay for drinks and couldn't afford holidays

After months of failures, I got a job working with one of the biggest tech companies at the intersection of my skills and interests in tech, marketing & analytics

I was guided by a team of experts in data analysis, coding, visualisation and testing

Within 3 years I'd start Dolphin Analytics and consult multiple companies including Toyota in the UK and across Europe

It’s a pleasure to introduce Dolphin Analytics and our mission to provide data-driven insights and ROI to businesses through app, web, and marketing analysis.

What makes us unique is we:

  • Quickly understand your business domain 

  • Offer clear client communication and distil the complex into a simple narrative

  • Have a clear on ROI & business 

  • Do the heavy lifting & offer you peace of mind

  • Understand the 3rd party tool landscape, rather than build everything from scratch

The Purpose of this Blog

The aim of this blog is to be more than just a collection of articles. It's a knowledge hub where we'll share industry insights, best practices, and hands-on tips that will help you harness the power of data in your organization. Whether you're a marketing professional, data analyst, product manager or business owner, this blog is tailored to meet your data-driven needs.

Our Expertise and Services

Dolphin Analytics offers a range of services designed to empower businesses through data:

Digital Tracking: We help you collect data about how users interact with your marketing campaigns, websites and apps. We help you track the full funnel to drive data-driven decision-making.

Marketing Analysis: Dolphin Analytics guides you with data-driven marketing analysis. We assess campaigns, map customer journeys, conduct A/B testing, segment markets, study competitors, and develop data-backed strategies for your marketing success

Web & App Analysis: We unlock your website and app's potential. We delve into user behaviour, optimise performance, enhance content, boost conversion rates, refine UX & analyse engagement & retention for digital excellence.

Data Engineering: We help ensure that your data is collected, cleaned, and transformed into a usable format. We can also transfer your data from different sources and create a single source of truth.

Data Visualisation: Transforming complex data into meaningful insights is our speciality. We craft captivating data visualizations, making data come alive.

A few past highlights is that we have:

Saved 100 hours of reporting a week

Driven marketing insight to a 6-figure exit

Increased sign-up completion by 67% 

The Power of Data

In today's business landscape, data, if harnessed, can become a company's greatest asset. It drives decision-making & enables companies to pivot with precision. It streamlines operations, enhancing efficiency, and reducing wastage. Imagine a company once burdened by manual reporting. They can transition to data automation, slashing report generation time by 80%. This efficiency boost provides clients with real-time insights, enabling quicker decisions and more agile marketing strategies. This shift illustrates how data-driven solutions enhance operations and elevate business performance.

Our Ask

We invite all readers to explore our website further for more information about our services. Also, please follow us on Linkedin to stay updated and we expect to post new content to the blog every 2 weeks. Please reach out if you have any topics you’d like to see covered in future blog posts too!